Top five ways to replace plastic in your life

  • Mar, 17 , 19
  • Kevin Coyle

1. Your toothbrush

Plastic toothbrush

We've already covered how replacing your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush is a simple and easy fix to get into a plastic free mindset every month. If you've not already made the switch then what are you waiting for?

Solution: Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

What we'd recommend:

Take a look at our own bamboo toothbrush here.

2. Shopping bags

Plastic bag

It's been a few years in the UK now since all plastic bags at supermarkets have had a 5p charge attached to them and we've all been buying either the 10p bags for life or the more expensive canvas bags. The main problem that people have with this is that we ALWAYS forget to bring them! Here's some tips to help you remember to bring them:

  • Buy lots of bags
  • As soon as you use your bags put them back in your bag, car boot or the basket on your bike. Get into the habit!
  • If you forget, don't buy a 5p one! Buy another more expensive reusable bag, you'll soon remember to bring your bags when it costs you £1 each go.

Solution: Switch to cotton bags

What we recommend

Most supermarkets will have you covered here. I'd advise getting the canvas or cotton bags as these last long. Just make sure that you get into the habit of taking them with you. 

3. Produce bags

Plastic lettuce

If you're reading this blog then it's more than likely that you live a healthy life or aspire to have a healthy life. One of the essential parts of this is eating a balanced diet full of plants. However, in our supermarkets produce is suffocating wrapped in plastic. There's an alternative though! Cotton, or mesh produce bags. These bags are fantastic and cost-effective. Shove them in your bag now for your next shopping trip. 

Switch to mesh or cotton bags

What we'd recommend:


4. Coffee cups

Plastic coffee cup

If you're just like me and your body demands that morning coffee just to get going then this is going to seem like a very familiar sight. But don't dismay, you'll still be able to get your java fix and remain plastic free. Simply substitute your favourite brands disposable coffee cup with a collapsable silicone cup. 

Solution: A silicone reusable coffee cup

What we recommend:


5. Dog poop bags


One of the most unpleasant parts of owning is a pet is the inevitable waste that they leave behind. If you're a responsible owner (which I'm sure you are!) then this often means scooping the waste up into a black plastic bag and depositing them into a bin thats headed for landfill. Luckily there's already a solution out there. Whilst they cost a little extra you can rest assured that little Fido's waste is going to be gone in no time!

Solution: Biodegradable poop bags

What we recommend


I hope that these have been useful. Do you have any other ideas? If so hit us up on facebook or contact us on the contact form below.