From time to time our suppliers, despite our best intentions, package the products that we sell in plastics. We try our best to ensure that this is kept to an absolute minimum, but at the same time we want to try to reduce the costs of our products in order to make them available to everyone, regardless of income. We believe that in doing so we will be able to provide a greater benefit to more people that way.

Therefore, we offer both advice on recycling the packaging that comes with your item and we will also offer to a returns scheme. If you would like to participate in the returns scheme please use the contact page to send us your details. As a thank you for this we will be happy to provide you with a store credit in the form of a discount code.

For more information about recycling centres in your area please consult this website:

For the UK:

For the USA:

We thank you for your understanding on this issue and we're hoping that one day it will not be necessary.